Carbon Brushes / Contact Terminals

  • carbon brushes
  • brush holders
  • sliding contacts
  • contact terminals for contactors
  • current collectors


Good contacts with contact terminals from EKK Anlagentechnik

Here you find information on our product range for carbon brushes, brush holders, sliding contacts, current collectors and contact terminals.

You can order the most common carbon brushes directly in our shop.

Our product range is not restricted to the common types used today, but includes a wide range of outdated models as well. Our strength lies in the production of custom-made components for special applications and in the modification and optimization of standard products.

You set the task – we work out the ideal solution for you.

Should you require more detailed information on the different types of carbon brushes and contact terminals, please refer to our catalogues that are available as PDF file for download. On request we will be pleased to send our catalogues by mail.
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