Plastics and Environmental Technology


containers - apparatuses - piping - equipment

We calculate, design and produce round and rectangular containers and apparatuses according to customer requirements for the most diverse fields of application. Depending on the requirements we choose the appropriate thermoplastic materials, such as PE, PP and PVC, for the operation and handling with media hazardous to waters, such as acids, bases, etc.

Our containers and apparatuses are produced, controlled and, if required, approved by an authorized expert. Upon request, we also deliver a comprehensive range of accessories produced in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (WHG). We also offer on-site final assembly and installation in so far as required by the circumstances.

For piping we use the following materials: PE, PP, PVC, ABS or COOL-FIT.

Our product range

  • round containers and rectangular containers
  • dosing tanks and storage tanks
  • mixing tanks and stirred tanks
  • pump stations and dosing stations
  • collecting trays
  • filling cabinets
  • priming aids
  • exhaust air scrubber and absorber
  • overfill protection and leakage monitoring with WHG approval
  • IBC-LLS total emptying station
  • piping assemblies
  • coverings
  • tank linings
  • maintenance service for tank systems

IBC-LLS total emptying station

The EKK IBC-LLS for automatic total emptying of IBCs is industrial truck accessible and suitable for 4-way feeding. The total emptying is assured via the integrated tilting mechanism activated by the reduced weight. A weighing unit is available as accessory that will be integrated in your storage system. Once the reorder point is reached, notice will be given to the storage system. So the conditions are set for intelligent warehouse and storage management in view of industry 4.0.

  • suitable for IBC container 1200 x 1000 mm
  • max. load 1.500 kg
  • installation dimensions 1300 x 1100 mm
  • material frame: PE (chemical resistant)
  • for automatic total emptying of IBCs
  • 4-way feeding possibility
  • industrial truck accessible
  • suitable for installation on the floor or in a collecting tray
  • with CE mark

Accessories: weighing unit, collection tray
Lead time: ex stock
Delivery: ex works

Dialysebehälter aus PP-H für die Pharmaindustrie

  • geflanschter Deckel
  • eingesetzter Schrägboden für Totalauslauf
  • Riboflavin-Test zum Überprüfen der 100%igen Innenreinigung mittels Sprühkugel
  • Be- und Entlüftungsleitung wulst- und nutfrei geschweißt (WNF)
  • TÜV-Süd zertifiziert
  • seitliche Anschlüsse mit Blindstopfen, keimfreie Ausführung, bündig mit der Tankinnenseite (totraumfrei), Verschluss mit Tri-Clamp
  • FDA-Ausführung für Lebensmittellagerung
  • Material PP-H


Engineering is carried out by our qualified staff, from the acquisition of all project data at the customer’s site, the further project planning till the final installation and commissioning. For ideal maintenance of your systems we offer maintenance contracts. As certified company according to the German Resources Act (WHG) we offer service contracts for inspection services for systems with water-polluting liquids.

To ensure on-time delivery of your products we work closely together with competent logistics partners.


We place great value on optimized production processes and modern production equipment for the manufacturing of high-quality containers, tanks and apparatuses, meeting the high quality demands of our customers with regards to safety and longevity.

Our standards of quality are evidenced in the certifications according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as the approval according to the German Water Resources Act (WHG) and the DIBt general approval awarded by the German building supervisory authorities for flat floor container out of PE.

The approval according to WHG includes:

  • set-up of plastics containers and tanks
  • maintenance and repair of plastic containers and tanks
  • assembly of leakage sensors and overfill protection
  • assembly of systems with plastic piping
  • lining of retention basins with thermoplastic material