Box cooler anodes for box coolers

Box cooler anodes are an important component of cooling systems on ships, especially in conjunction with box coolers. These cooling systems are based on the principle of a heat exchanger and are used in the shipping industry to cool engines, generators and other machines, with seawater acting as the cooling medium.

Because the system components are excessively exposed to seawater, measures must be taken to prevent corrosion and deposits caused by organic growth. The use of box cooler anodes made of aluminium or copper serves to reduce corrosion and deposits and thus improve the efficiency and service life of the cooling system.

Box cooler anodes as corrosion protection consist of metals that are less noble and therefore dissolve more quickly than the metals of the cooling system to be protected. As described in cathodic corrosion protection, they act as a sacrificial anode and thus reduce the corrosive effect on important components of the box cooler cooling system.

In addition, box cooler anodes act as antifouling systems and help to prevent deposits such as algae, mussels and other marine organisms. This utilises the germicidal effect of copper. Based on an electrochemical reaction, the growth of these organisms is inhibited by the copper ions released, thus reducing the formation of deposits.

What are the advantages of box cooler anodes?

  • Two systems in one: Corrosion protection and antifouling
  • Reduced downtimes and increased reliability of electrical systems
  • Reduced stress on the machine parts
  • Increased efficiency of the cooling systems
  • Increased service life of the cooling systems

Box cooler anodes made of copper & aluminium for box cooling systems

Box cooler anodes are an important component in ensuring the efficiency and service life of cooling systems on ships. They protect the cooling system from corrosion damage and reduce deposits that could impair performance.

Regular maintenance and replacement of worn box cooler anodes ensure that your cooling system functions optimally and provides reliable cooling.

A loss of the sacrificial anode function can lead to increased corrosion and deposits. The anodes should therefore be maintained and replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Box cooler anodes made of copper from the manufacturer EKK Anlagentechnik
Box cooler anodes made of copper from the manufacturer EKK Anlagentechnik

Looking for a suitable box cooler anode?

EKK supplies box cooler anodes in the standard diameters of 60 mm and 70 mm as well as in other diameters. Send us a detailed description or drawing of the required box cooler anode so that we can offer you the right design.

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